Older Positive Group at the Shanti Project

San Franciso Bridge

The HIV Services Program’s Older and Positive Group is a weekly social group (meets each Thursday) for folks who are – 1. HIV positive, 2. over the age of 50 looking to get out and connect among others who have had similar life experiences and 3. connected with Shanti in ARIES. This is a discussion based group that is lightly guided to make certain that everyone is given an opportunity to talk/share/be heard. We will share with one another our day’s challenges and successes. We will occasionally have a specific topic to explore with presentations of interest for older and positive folks. Light refreshments will be available. We will also have group outings.

Please note, though this is a Shanti group we DO NOT meet at the Shanti offices.
Email/call for more information – Derrick at dmapp@shanti.org or 415-674-4703

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