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Webinar given in Sept 2019 for the NYS AIDS Institute on AGING WITH HIV.
PART 1 – Dr Karpiak “Psychosocial Issues”

Webinar given in Sept 2019 for the NYS AIDS Institute on AGING WITH HIV.
PART 2 – Dr. Siegler “Geriatric Care”

Webinar: Aging with HIV: Surviving Another Epidemic
Kelsey Louie, MSW, MBA, CEO of GMHC
Opening Remarks

It’s All About the Numbers: How Grey is the HIV Epidemic?

Part 1 – Stephen Karpiak PhD, Senior Director Applied & Translational Research at GMHC; NYU College of Nursing

KEYNOTE COVID-19 and HIV: Intersecting Pandemics

Part 2 – Anthony S. Fauci, MD. Director of the NIAID

KEYNOTE HIV & Aging: From Awareness to Action

Part 3 – Ronald Johnson, Senior Policy Fellow, AIDS United

Social Isolation among Older Adults with HIV: Implications for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Part 4 – Mark Brennan-Ing PhD, Brookdale Center for Healthy Aging at Hunter College, The City University of New Yor

Part 5 – Why Being Active is the Single Best Thing You Can Do to Age Well with HIV

Margaret Danilovich PhD Senior Director, Leonard Schanfield Research Institute at CJE SeniorLife

Part 6 – HIV Treatment Update

Mark Milano, Lead Trainer at GMHC

Part 7 – Sex, Seniors and Sexually Transmitted Infections

Ina Park, MD, Associate Professor, UCSF School of Medicine and Medical Consultant, Division of STD Prevention, CDC

Part 8 – The Geriatricians Are IN

Meredith Greene, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Eugenia L. Siegler, MD, Professor of Geriatric Medicine and Clinical Medicine, Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Care, Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University

Jonathan S. Applebaum, MD, FACP, AAHIVS, Professor and Chair, Department of Clinical Sciences, Florida State University College of Medicine

More Resources

Aging with HIV: Surviving Another Epidemic – Webinar Schedule

Webinar Schedule

Administration for Community Living – US Government

SAGE – Senor Action in a Gay Environment

American Academy of HIV Medicine – Provider Education: HIV and Aging

The WELL Project

OWEL – Older Women Enhancing Life

US Government – Aging with HIV


CDC Fact Sheet

NIH’s National Institute on Aging’s overview HIV and Aging

HRSA’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

Long Term Survivor Program HIV

TPAN and the Reunion Project for Long Term Survivors with HIV

The HUB for Long Term Survivors with HIV

AVERT – Aging With HIV

NATAP, The National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project

APLA Health for Older Adults with HIV

The HUB at GMHC for LTS and Older Adults

Annotated Bibliography For HIV

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